Over the Rainbow

A solo Exhibition by Art by Tori

10 October - 14 November

We are delighted to present Over the Rainbow, a solo exhibition by Tori McNeill.

Tori’s art is the one thing that makes her truly happy; over the last 4 years she has developed her own unique style and expresses herself with the use of bright colours and strong bold shapes, her paintings are filled with joy.

Tori is very keen to inspire other people with disabilities not to be held back by them but to move forward, be positive and reach for their dreams. Tori is 21yrs old, born with Down Syndrome she received a second diagnosis of Autism when she was 18, the same week as her first exhibition. Tori’s Autism has aided her art and helped her develop her unique style, seeing the world through a spectrum of colours.

Tori painted her way through the stresses of Covid-19, painting every day during the lockdown has helped her focus and keep anxiety low. This exhibition is named Over the Rainbow to express Tori’s love of colour; it’s in support of our wonderful NHS and in hope that by seeing her art your troubles ‘melt like lemon drops’ even for a short while.

Tori has great support from her Art tutor Karen Torley of Banyan Theatre, they have been working together weekly for the last 4 years and are often found sitting together at a table covered in paint, laughing and dreaming up new ideas.

Art Apart
We Are Delighted To Present Over The Rainbow A Solo Exhibition By Tori Mc Neill  Tori’S Art Is The One Thing That Makes Her Truly Happy Over The Last 4 Years She Has Developed Her Own Unique Style And Expresses Hers
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