Exhibition on Screen presents Young Picasso

8th May 2019


Stunning film charting Picasso's early career through to Les Demoiselles d'Avignon


Exhibition on Screen

Leonardo from the National Gallery, London

Thursday 9 May, 11am & 3pm

Tickets £5 (Group Booking, school discounts available)


Stunning film for all art lovers, students or interested parties charting the early career of one of the most influential artists from recent history

In 2011 a remarkable event occurred at London’s National Gallery when the largest ever collection of Leonardo’s surviving paintings was assembled for a unique exhibition ‘Leonardo da Vinci: Painter at the Court of Milan’.

Given exclusive access to the opening night of the exhibition the film captures the excitement of the occasion and provides a fascinating exploration of Leonardo’s great works.


Art historian and broadcaster Tim Marlow offers his insight into the great masterpieces and invites the opinions of the curators, restorers and other specially invited guests. Interwoven are an insightful biography and fascinating behind-the-scenes footage. A unique film about a unique man suitable for art students and art enthusiasts. 2019 also marks the 500th anniversary of Leonardo’s birth.

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